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See What Online Incorporation Services Charge

Check out the prices charged by the major online incorporation services. Then return to this site to save money using our automated E-Book systems to organize your corporation.

Beware of HIDDEN COSTS of advertised incorporation services that look too good to be true. CLICK HERE for more information.

Corporate Creations - This is one of the most prominent incorporation services in the search engines. This company charges:

$49.00 just to file your initial incorporation papers and do initial name availability search, which can be done in minutes online

$60.00 for a Corporate Kit. The corporate kit includes "sample" documents which you must complete yourself.

$65.00 to fill out your Subchapter "S" Election.

$35.00 to fill out your SS-4 Form to get a tax identification number.

$95.00 for expedited service.

$125.00 for a registered agent fee.

Plus shipping and handling fees

TOTAL PAYMENT - $334.00 PLUS State Filing Fee

TOTAL AMOUNT YOU SPEND - California $529.00 States will vary depending on the state filing fee.

Can't believe these charges? See for yourself. CLICK HERE.

Using our automated E-Book system, you will generate your own documents, corporate kit, share certificates, IRS filings in an hour or less. You will not pay shipping, handling, expedited fees. You will not have to WAIT FOR your documents.

You can prepare and file you initial incorporation for free. You pay only for the state filing fee and postage. If you use our Corporate Kit E-Book, you will pay one price $49.95. Contrast this price with the $334.00 you would pay to Corporate Creations

Still Not Convinced? Check out what another Online Incorporation Service charges. CLICK HERE.



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