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Why Are Our Incorporation Packages Free?

Our incorporation packages are provided to you free of charge for the same reason you are seeing the growth of other services that are provided for free through the Internet. We are supported by the advertising revenues that are generated through the marketing of our free incorporation packages.

Our web sites also contain a variety of other resources that are useful to your business. Each E-Book includes links back to our site where you can explore those resources further. You are in no way obligated to use these links, but if you do, additional traffic will be created on our web site.

Our E-Books do not contain advertising and other items that you may not wish to download onto your computer. We know how annoying that can be. However, each E-Book does contain links to our other resources which we hope you will find useful.

The E-Book that you initially download will include everything you need to file your Articles of Incorporation and officially start your corporation in your selected state. You WILL need additional items to complete the formation of your corporation. Your E-Book will link you back to our site where you can purchase Automated Corporate Kits and document packages at a very reasonable price that is much lower than other online providers.

We hope that you will chose to use our other Kits to complete your business. We feel that we have set up a program that will result in you having a valid corporation, with all the documents you need, for a total cost that is a fraction of the cost that you would pay an online incorporation service.

If you would prefer, you can order your corporate kits through other providers. But we feel that with the overall savings of using our E-Books, you will buy the additional items through us. We feel that using our E-Books and Kits, you will be able to save time and form your corporation for a mere fraction of the cost of using other online providers.


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