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California Fictitious Name Laws

California law restricts and prohibits your corporation from doing business under any name other than its complete corporate name UNLESS you first comply with the statutory process to register a fictitious name.

You must be certain to observe this restriction when advertising your business, executing documents, and any other activities related to the business of your corporation. Each document that you sign should be in the name of the Corporation. This is also important for assuring that corporate formalities are followed and to take away any argument that a creditor could use to attach your personal assets for liabilities that arise through the activities of your incorporated business.

View California Fictitious Name Act

Fictitious business names are not filed with the Secretary of State’s Office. There is no provision in California for registration, in a central registry at the state level, of fictitious business names. You must contact the city and/or county clerk and/or recorder where the principal place of business is located for information regarding filing or registering fictitious business names.

Even though a proposed corporate name has been checked and/or reserved, it is strongly recommended that stationery, signs, corporate seals, etc., not be ordered until you receive notification of filing from the Secretary of State's Office, because the corporation is not created or qualified until appropriate documents have been filed with the Secretary of State’s Office.

The filing of documents to incorporate a California corporation or qualify a foreign (out of state) corporation does not authorize the use in this state of the corporate name in violation of the rights of any other person who may have acquired rights to the use of the name by reason of some other law such as the Federal Trademark Act (Title 15, United States Code, Section 1051), the California Trademark Act (Business and Professions Code Section 14200), the Fictitious Business Name Act (Business and Professions Code Section 17900) and common law rights, including rights to a trade name. If you have any questions regarding such rights, you should confer with private legal counsel.

Our Small Business Package contains links to resources and forms to assist you in complying with trademark laws and registering your name as a trademark under California law. Our Small Business E-book also contains links to resources and forms that you will need to register your Fictitious Name in the State of California.

Some of the documents in this package are available only in Adobe PDF format. You must have Adobe Reader downloaded and installed to use these forms. This is primarily the case with forms where the state proscribes and requires that you use a pre-printed form that the state has created.

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