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The Advantages Of Nevada

Nevada has recently become perhaps the most advantage state in which to incorporate. If you have a purely local business within your state, it probably does not make sense to incorporate in Nevada. Usually your own state will be the most advantageous state in which to incorporate. However, if your business is not purely local, as is the case with many online and Internet businesses, Nevada may be an ideal state in which to incorporate.

In fact, Nevada is quickly replacing Delaware as the state of choice for many businesses who wish to incorporate. See comparison of Nevada and Delaware Incorporation.

Nevada has set up their incorporation system to attract incorporation. They have streamlined their incorporation process and made many resources available online, all in an attempt to encourage incorporation in their state. Additionally, the corporate laws in Nevada are relatively liberal and advantageous and Nevada tax laws favor incorporation in that state.

Some additional advantages of incorporating in Nevada include:

It is easy and relatively inexpensive to form a corporation in Nevada compared with other states that have high filing fees, annual reporting fees, and franchise tax requirements.

Nevada does not impose a corporate income tax.

Nevada does not impose a tax on corporate shares.

Nevada does not have a franchise tax.

There is no personal income tax in Nevada.

Nevada is the only state in the US that does not have an information sharing agreement with the Internal Revenue Service.

Nevada's annual fees are very minimal.

Annual reporting is minimal.

Nevada does not make shareholders a matter of public record.

Nevada does not require stockholders, directors or officers to live or be resident within the state of Nevada.

Stockholders, directors and officers do not need to be United States citizens.

Nevada has strong stockholder and director indemnity provisions.

Stock may be issued in Nevada corporation for capital, personal property, services and real estate interests, including options and leasehold interests.

Directors in a Nevada corporation are given broad latitude in setting values for various capital transactions and the decision of the Board of Directors on these issues are final.

Nevada corporations may purchase, hold, and sell shares of its own corporate stock.

Directors need not be residents of the state or stockholders in the Nevada corporation.

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