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Annual Reports and Filings

Each New Jersey Corporation must file an annual statement with the New Jersey Department of Revenue. Failure to file the annual report on a timely basis will lead to administrative dissolution of your Corporation. Although an administratively dissolved corporation can apply for reinstatement within certain time forms, reinstatement following administrative dissolution is very costly. The cost of reinstating an administratively dissolved corporation is many times as costly as the original formation of your corporation.

The Department of Revenue will normally send out annual report forms prior to the filing date. However, the Department of Revenue is not responsible for sending out these forms or for notifying you of your need to file an annual report. It is your responsibility to be certain that the annual report is timely filed and to contact the Department of Revenue if you do not receive an annual report form.

It is important to keep the Department of Revenue notified of any changes in your Principal Place of Business and Registered Agent. Official forms and filings are required for notifying the Department of Revenue of these changes. Filing fees are also applicable to these notifications.

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All profit and nonprofit corporations (domestic and foreign), as well as all limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships must submit annual reports and associated processing fees each year following their dates of incorporation/registration.

The annual fees are: 
$40.00 for for-profit (corporations, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships)

$50.00 for limited liability companies; and 
$15.00 for non-profits.
Annual reports contain vital business census data -- for example, addresses, officer/director information, etc., which is used to update the State’s public records system. This public information forms the core of the State’s corporate/business status reporting system. The commercial, financial and legal sectors rely heavily on this system for contact information, service of process and credit checks.

The annual report process also allows businesses to update their registered office and agent. Registered agent/office information, as maintained by the Treasurer, provides a uniform and reliable source of contact information, and is integrated with all of the Treasurer's public records systems.

Annual reporting is a prerequisite for maintaining active business status. In accordance with State law, businesses that fail to file annual reports for two consecutive years will be revoked. Given this, and the overall significance of annual reports to the State’s public records system, it is imperative that businesses comply with annual report requirements.

Corporations subject to CBT must now submit their tax payments and annual reports concurrently, using an integrated voucher called the CAR100. The CAR100 is part of the corporate tax return package. It is important to note that the annual report due date for subject corporations has been changed to coincide with the corporate business tax due date (fiscal month plus 3.5 months). The Division of Revenue mails annual report forms approximately two months prior to the due date. The due date is the month of the entity's initial incorporation or registration.

Corporations that have been on file with the state of New Jersey for six 6) months or less are not required to file an annual report.

If your business does not receive an Annual Reports Form, you may obtain a reprinted form from the Annual Report Unit, Division of Revenue.

Forms requests may be mailed to: 
PO Box 302

Trenton, NJ 08625
ATTN: Annual Reports, Forms Requests
Forms requests can also be submitted via telephone or fax: 
Voice: (609) 292-9292
Fax: (609) 984-6849



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