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CONSUMER WARNING!!!!Don't Be Mislead By Other Inexpensive Incorporation Offers!!!!

Classified adds in newspapers and magazines, as well as online offers advertise incorporation for what they purport to be amazingly inexpensive prices. We have looked into many of these offers and have found them to be extremely misleading as to the price that you will actually pay to form a corporation using their services.

One advertisement in the classified section of a major national business magazine advertises "Incorporate for as little at $25.00. We visited the cited web site and we found that the actual cost that you would have to pay is in excess of $430.00 for the same materials that you can obtain using our E-Books. We also noted that particular site did not list pricing for all of their services and requires you to call for their pricing on things such as registered agent services and checking for name availability.

Here is a breakdown of the actual costs of this advertised $25.00 incorporation service: Florida incorporation is used as an example. Note that fees may actually be higher because some pricing you must call to obtain

Online Provider
Filing Articles In Florida $95.00 Free
Corporate Kit $75,00 +shipping and handling $49.95 - Digital Download
IRS Form SS-4 $65.00 Free
IRS Form 2553 (Sub S) $25.00 Free
Registered Agent Fee not included- must call for pricing Free (if your office is in state)
State Filing Fee $95.00 (note that actual state fee in Florida is $78.75 including a certified copy) $35.00 (paid directly to state - not to us
State Registered Agent Designation Fee Does not indicate whether included $35.00 (paid directly to state - not to us
Expedited Service (overnight) $75.00 immediate download
Corporate minutes/bylaws etc. Doesn't say if provided with kit included
Shipping and Handling Not disclosed until you fill out order download (free)
TOTAL FEES $430.00 plus undisclosed additional fees and shipping and handling $129.50 ($49.95 to us. Remainder paid to state for filing fees)
Savings To You not including undisclosed fees $300.50!!!!!!!

For Other Examples Of These Misleading Advertisements

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