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Avoiding Incorporation Scams?

The Internet has revolutionized incorporation services. The problem is that most of the incorporation service business models have not evolved to meet the new horizons opened up by the web. Most of the incorporation services that you will find on the Internet are the old "brick and morter" incorporation services that have simply expanded their marketing to the Internet search engines. Their pricing structure may have come down a bit. But basically they have a huge "brick and mortar" over head to support...leased space, employee expenses, etc.

Online incorporation service may have a low cost "come on." But by the time you buy all of the things that you really need to incorporate, finish the organization, file necessary tax forms, etc., the total fee will be in the hundreds of dollars. Some Price Comparisons

Attorneys have a similar problem...they get their clients from a local population. They have to becasue they are only licensed in the state. Attorneys also have relatively large fixed overhead. That is why you will find that attorneys will charge around $500, plus filing fees and other costs, just to fill out incorporation forms and file them for you.

When you need an attorney, you need an attorney. But you generally don't need an attorney to file incorporation forms and take the other steps you need to take to complete the organization of your corporation. See our Attorney Notification

Our products and business model have been adapted to bring the incorporation process in line with the web. We offer state-specific incorporation Ebook document packages and automated document creation systems. Go To Your State Now

Our Ebooks take you step by step through the process of incorporating in your state. Each state specific incorporation Ebook ties into further resources applicable to your state through our web site. You can click on the appropriate link and your Ebook and go to the online name checking site in your state to confirm whether your corporate name is available. Our online resources include additional hints and tips for making the key decisions regarding your incorporation. Why Do You Need A Corporate Kit

Our document system is simple. It includes documents in Word and in Rich Text Format. It includes a tempalte system that oyu fill in with your various incorporation specifics. Your incorporation forms are generated with a couple of mouse clicks once you input the variable information. About Our Ebook System

Our basic incorporation Ebook and documents are available for free. We sell automated Corporate Kit Package that you will need to complete the organization of your corporation. (Corporate Minutes, Bylaws, stock certificate template, etc.). Once oyu have filled in the information template, you can also automatically generate all of your corporate kit documents, share certificates...everything you need to organize your corporation. View Incorporation Package Contents

The Internet has made it possible to obtain everything that you need to incorporate yourself for one low price. You will save hundreds of dollars using our incorporation products. Order Document Package

And as an add in bonus, when you buy our Corporate Kit Package, you will get our 80 document Small Business Document Package. This packagei ncludes corporate minute forms, Employment Agreements, meeting scripts, and a variety of other documents that you will likely use to maintain your corporation following formation. View Small Business Contents




Free incorporation

You will find out very quickly that the Free incorporation process is a simple, fill in the blanks process that you can easily complete yourself in less than one hour.

WARNING!!!! You will need to seal your own envelopes and lick your own stamps to complete this process!!!!!


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Free incorporation