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What About Delaware and Nevada Incorporation?

Historically, Delaware has been the state in which most companies of a national scope have chosen to incorporate. This was generally due to the relatively "liberal" corporate laws that have existed for years in the State of Delaware. This is why many large, publicly held companies are incorporated in Delaware.

However, over recent years, many other states have liberalized their corporate laws and Delaware to be on par with Delaware. As such, the reasons to incorporate in Delaware are not as great as they once were. Other factors now weigh against incorporating in Delaware such as the relatively high franchise tax required by the State of Delaware and the fact that Delaware corporations are now regulated by a "corporate commission."

Nevada has arisen over the last several years as an advantageous place for businesses of a national scope to incorporate. The corporate laws in Nevada are advantageous to most businesses. Nevada does not require the payment of a franchise tax. Additionally, Nevada has no state income tax. Nevada is also the only state in the United States that does not report tax information to the Internal Revenue Service. Certainly, for a business that is not simply local in nature, but rather is national or international in scope, the state of Nevada is a very attractive option for incorporation.

If your business is predominately of a local nature however, or if you otherwise actively do business within the state in which you are located, your home state will more many times be the best place for you to incorporate. You should be aware that even if you incorporate in a state such as Nevada, if you do business within your state, your state will still require you to register to do business within the state. For this reason, local businesses will most often find incorporation in their state to be the best choice.

At the same time, with the rise of the Internet as a platform for commerce, many more businesses have a national or international scope. Many businesses which are primarily Internet based, will find it advantageous to incorporate in the state of Nevada.

We offer E-Books for incorporation in the State of Nevada, including our free incorporation E-Book for the State of Nevada and our Corporate Kit and Organizational Documents Kit for the State of Nevada. We also offer our Small Business Package for the State of Nevada. Each of these packages are also offered for Delaware incorporation and for other states.

You will save hundreds of dollars using our automated E-Books to incorporate and organize your business. SEE PRICE COMPARISONS TO ONLINE SERVICES. Using our entire Small Business E-Books, which contain over 70 documents tailored to the common needs of small businesses, you will save thousands of dollars in attorney fees that you may otherwise spend during the expense critical startup phase of your business.

Note however, we recommend that you retain the services of a competent attorney in your state to consult with concerning your business. Using the form documents in our package, you will be able to minimize attorney fees by presenting your attorney with "nearly completed" contracts for his or her review. You will then only pay for attorney review time rather than the entire time it would otherwise take your attorney to prepare these documents from scratch.





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