ORDERING EXPLANATIONS - Our Incorporation E-Books are bundled together so that they automatically install in layers and utilize one central information template for automation purposes.

The Free Incorporation Package contains automated documents to file with your state office. The Corporate Kit contains the Free Contents, plus 40 pages of documents that you need to complete the internal organization of your corporation. If you have already downloaded the Free Package, you should doownload the Corporate Kit to complete your Incorporation. You may download the Corporate Kit at the inception to get all of the documents that you will need to form and organize your corporation.

The Corporate Kit also contains our approximately 80 legal document Small Business Package which includes various corporate resolutions, agreements, and other items that are needed by most businesses. The Small Business Package can also be downloaded independently if you do not wish to utilize the Corporate Kit.

Click on the "View Contents" links below for more detail on what is included within each of these packages.

All of our products are delivered by Immediate Download at the time of purchase. Our download system is administered by Automated E-Good. Download interuptions are rare. However, if your download is interupted for any reason, please contact Automated E-Goods and they will promptly provide you with access to the product that you ordered. Please be sure to print off your order confirmation and include your confirmation number in your E-Mail.