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Corporate Kit and Organizational Document E-Books

Our state corporate kits contain everything that you need to incorporate your business in the state of your choice, to complete all incorporation formalities such as initial meetings, elections, corporate actions, subscription agreements, forms for obtaining taxpayer identification numbers, forms for authorizing and making subchapter "S" elections and share certificates and share ledgers for issuing shares in your corporation. CLICK HERE FOR CONTENTS

Our state Corporate Kit and Organizational Document E-Books are automated merge documents that complete themselves based upon the information that you provide in one central information form.** In a matter of minutes you will be able to complete all of the documents that you need to organize your corporation, print them onto your own printer, and place them in order into your corporate minute book. The only thing you need to provide is the paper and a three ring notebook to serve as a corporate minute book.

Each of our state Corporate Kit and Organizational Document Packages are reasonably priced. You will save hundreds of dollars by using our automated kits to incorporate your business as compared to the price that you will pay with online providers. CLICK HERE FOR COST COMPARISONS. If you use our Kits within the terms of our license agreement to create more than one corporation, your savings will multiply!!!!!

We also offer a complete SMALL BUSINESS E-BOOK for each state which include the entire contents of the Corporate Kits and in addition over 50 additional documents that are needed by most small businesses in the early stages of development. Our SMALL BUSINESS E-BOOKs are in increadible value

Select Your State To Dowload Corporate Kit Or Small Business Package

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** Note - IRS Forms must be completed by hand, but come with easy to follow instructions.


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