How is free2incorporate different from other online incorporation services?

Online incorporation services abound on the Internet. These services generally charge $100.00 or more just for providing the service of incorporating your business. On top of this, they charge additional amounts for corporate kits, resident agent services, and other services. When you add up all of the costs that you actually have to pay, services that advertise low cost incorporation, $25.00 incorporation, and other similar offers actually end up costing you $400.00 to $500.00 for their "services" which amount to nothing more than filing in blanks on self automated forms that you provide them by filling out information through their web site.


sinFree2incorporate is revolutionizing this industry by adapting its business model to the current Internet environment. The new environment where traffic to a web site is more important than the price that is paid for a service.

It is no secret that forming a corporation is primarily a fill-in the blanks, form document process. If you have incorporated a business in the past have you not been left with the feeling that you paid someone simply to fill in the blanks on form documents? There is no reason why you cannot do this yourself if you are provided with the proper tools.

We provide this information to you, including complete instructions and all necessary forms to file for a corporation. Each state package gives you step-by-step instructions on how to do this yourself. For about 30 minutes of your time, you can save a substantial amount of money that other so-called low-cost incorporation services will charge you.

free2incorporate provides you with all the forms that you need to register your corporation in any state FOR FREE!!! Simply by downloading our state E-Books and following the simple instructions contained in these E-Books, you can have you state incorporation ready to be placed in the mail in one sitting. You save by simply filling in the same information that you provide to other services online. You will of course still need to pay the fees that your state charges to record a corporation. But this fee is paid directly to the state and is applicable regardless of what service you use to start your corporation.

Our state E-Books return you to our web site for additional information and resources, but the E-Books as downloaded include everything you need to file your corporation.

We also offer downloadable corporate kits, which include everything else you will need to complete the operational formation of your corporation. But unlike other services who charge you seperately for the corporate kit and for various components in the corporate kit, we provide you with an immediately downloadable, all inclusive Corporate Kit for one low price of $49.95. you are under no obligation to buy this kit from us though.









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